Good Mecha Smile’s The GATTAI Exhibition: MODEROID

Days leading to the event, Good Smile Company was really hyping up what would’ve been the first major event for their Good Mecha Smile brand. But with the Japanese government tightening up measures once more, they’ve quickly transitioned to an purely online event, which retroactively makes it better for the international community.

The GATTAI Exhibition is basically Good Mecha Smile flexing their stuff and showing upcoming figures and model kits. Oh and to those unfamiliar, Good Mecha Smile is Good Smile Company’s mecha-specific brand, which includes lines like Hagane Works, MODEROID, ACT MODE and others. For this post, I’m focusing on the MODEROID reveals but depending on my interest, I might also give unsolicited thoughts on their other displays.

Picking up on their Eldran Series kits, they have revealed the follow up to the previous Gambaruger announcement. These are of course the two support machines Revolger and Gekiryuger. My initial plan with these transforming and combining kits is to buy multiple copies, to build one per mode. But with the final Great Gambaruger combination being made up by five individual machines spread across 3 model kit sets, I’m quite leaning towards just getting one copy of each and just go with the whole transformation gimmick as they intended. But I’ll have to first check how Raijin-Oh combines.

Digging deeper into more super robot properties, they have added two more into their ever-growing roster. First is Braiger, an old school classic that I’m not really familiar with. Thus, I’m having the same reaction as to when they announced Baldios. It’s a good kit for fans of the series and/or the design, but I won’t get out of the way to get a copy. The other one is more familiar to me, God Gravion from Choujushin Gravion.

Good Smile Company and Sen-Ti-Nel often collaborate on releases. Sen-Ti-Nel released their METAMOR-FORCE “BARI” ATION God Gravion a couple of years ago, so I initially thought that this might be of the same design. But upon more thorough inspection, the designs are quite different, with the MODEROID version leaning towards the more simple but anime-accurate aesthetic. The kit is designed by God Brave Studio who Good Smile Company has tapped for their recent kits.

This is another property that I have even less knowledge of and I only heard about it from some Transformers-related podcast back in the day. Dennou Boukenki Webdiver is a 2001 series that deals with children diving into a virtual world and fighting along a particular Web Knight called Gladion. And that is the kit right here, released as part of the series’ 20th anniversary and its new Blu-ray box set. The design gives me the same vibe as those from the Brave Series except for that sort-of odd color scheme. I’ll have to do some ‘research’ to know more but it does look like it transforms, if those wheels on the arms and legs are of any indication.

The other kits they revealed are a couple ones from Shinkalion and the Type-J9 Griffon from Patlabor. Overall, I’m quite interested with the line up they have here. They are almost done with the Ganbaruger line up and I’m curious if they’ll pick up Go-Saurer. As we all know, Bandai Spirits did HG releases from that series which I have mixed feelings about. Regardless, I really like how Good Smile Company and their Good Mecha Smile brand is embracing the mecha genre. Looking forward to more releases from these guys!

If you want to see the online exhibition, just follow the link provided: The GATTAI Exhibition


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