MODEROID Bakuryu-Oh and God Raijin-Oh

Before I delve into the actual meat and potatoes of MODEROID Bakuryu-On, I would like to lay down my initial plan for these kits as I wanted to build separate kits of these machines in both their separated and combined modes. So, in order to build one of the following: Ken-Oh Ju-Oh Ho-Oh Raijin-Oh Bakuryu … Continue reading MODEROID Bakuryu-Oh and God Raijin-Oh

Complementary “Eldran” Kits? MODEROID Raijin-Oh

I've had this topic in mind for a while now and alluded to it in a previous post. Given there are more upcoming kits in the pipeline, there's no better time to talk about this, and whether or not it makes sense. This post will be the first half for this topic, focusing on MODEROID … Continue reading Complementary “Eldran” Kits? MODEROID Raijin-Oh

Good Smile Company Teases MODEROID “Raijin-Oh” Kits

Before going into the Raijin-Oh stuff, here's something I've been thinking for quite a while and now writing as this post. Good Smile Company has been releasing MODEROID kits for a year or so now and they have covered multiple titles and franchises, as well as some originals. That said, they also have releases that … Continue reading Good Smile Company Teases MODEROID “Raijin-Oh” Kits