Produced With Passion: “86 -Eighty Six-” Series Review

The following may contain spoilers for 86 -Eighty Six-. Director / Toshimasa IshiiScreenplay / Toshiya Ohno (based on the light novels by Asato Asato)Production / A-1 PicturesRelease Date / April 2021, October 2021 It was around the same time last year that the anime adaptation of Asato Asato's 86 -Eighty Six- (henceforth, 86) light novel, … Continue reading Produced With Passion: “86 -Eighty Six-” Series Review

“86 -Eighty Six-” Foreshadowing? HG Reginleif

Seeing this reveal made me catch up on the latter six episodes of the first half of 86 -Eighty Six-. It's a really great show, some even calling it an anime adaptation gold standard. I'll probably post a review in the next couple of weeks but what we have here doesn't appear in the first … Continue reading “86 -Eighty Six-” Foreshadowing? HG Reginleif

Box Art Extravaganza: April 2021

Welcome to my another attempt to feature upcoming model kit packaging that's not from Bandai Spirits. And to my defense, I did manage to get one though it is easier to get these box arts from Bandai Spirits so that's that. In any case, let's proceed. I previously made a post about this guy and … Continue reading Box Art Extravaganza: April 2021

Something Different: “86 -Eighty Six-” HG Model Line Up

We're pretty much still in mecha drought, but at least we have a couple of series to look forward to in 2021. First is Back Arrow, and the other is 86 -Eighty Six-, an anime based on a light novel that won the Grand Prize in the 2016 Dengeki Novel Prize award. It was supposed … Continue reading Something Different: “86 -Eighty Six-” HG Model Line Up