Box Art Extravaganza: April 2021

Welcome to my another attempt to feature upcoming model kit packaging that’s not from Bandai Spirits. And to my defense, I did manage to get one though it is easier to get these box arts from Bandai Spirits so that’s that. In any case, let’s proceed.

I previously made a post about this guy and my curiosity in Aoshima’s new Gattai line in general. Basically, it is a modern take on the same concept they did around the 70s. And now that we have a box art, let’s read the blurb they provided:

The “ATLANGER” is the first in a new “GATTAI” series that will be revived to commemorate Aoshima’s 96th anniversary. The “GATTAI” series, which has evolved by incorporating the trends of the times, will evolve further with the addition of a new theme of “beautiful girls”.

So not only is this a commemoration of Aoshima’s almost centennial anniversary, but it is their attempt to further evolve their mecha and mecha-musume model kits. With the latter mostly geared towards the Macross franchise. In any case, I haven’t secured a pre-order of this kit, though I will be actively looking for reviews to check it out. I’m also curious what the next kit in the line would be.

Gattai Atlanger
April 2021 / ¥8,800

Going back to the usual Bandai Spirits releases, we have something new. They have so far announced three new properties getting High Grade kits, and the first one is from 86 -Eighty Six- which recently premiered. I thought that it was good and sets up the contrast between our two main protagonists. What’s more, we’re also introduced to the Juggetnaut units, supposedly drones but actually piloted quadruped machines. Now that I mention it, I would like to display this side-by-side along with my Kotobukiya Tachikoma and Logicoma kits — both of which are still in the backlog.

HG 1/48 Juggernaut [Shin Use]
April 2021 / ¥2,700

Still not Gunpla, we have a dark recolor of the previous Figure-rise Standard ULTRAMAN SUIT v.7.5 -ACTION- as the Frontal Assault Type. It also answers a question that I had when they released the -ACTION- version of this particular suit. You see, after the original LED-including release, they released the Figure-rise Standard ULTRAMAN SUIT v.7.3 [Fully Armed] which is basically a decked out version of the suit with slightly different colors thanks to the lower version number.

So when they released the same suit as an -ACTION- kit, it made me think whether the weapons of the Fully Armed version is compatible with the newer -ACTION- kit since they should be sharing the same armor parts albeit the different torso construction. With the Frontal Assault Type kit, I need not to make that assumption as it basically contains same weapons of the Fully Armed kit attached to the -ACTION- kit base. The weapons themselves only differ with white stripes for the newer version, an easy repaint to the red of the original.

Figure-rise Standard 1/12 ULTRAMAN SUIT v.7.5 [Frontal Assault Type]
April 2021 / ¥4,000

And of course, things wouldn’t be complete without a Gunpla in the mix, so here we are with the much anticipated HGUC Xi Gundam from the Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway movie trilogy. In case you might’ve forgotten, this version of the Xi Gundam is based on the original novel illustrations by Yasuhiro Moriki. The version we’re more familiar with is the SD Gundam G Generation redesign by Kazumi Fujita which was also used by Hajime Katoki for The Robot Spirits (Ka Signature) releases. I’ve yet to get the HGUC Penelope as I don’t want to fill up my backlog with large mobile suits so I’ll probably defer getting this guy in the mean time. Yes, I’m typed that while looking at my unfinished HGUC Narrative Gundam A-Packs.

HGUC 1/144 Xi Gundam
April 2021 / ¥6,000


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