“86 -Eighty Six-” Foreshadowing? HG Reginleif

Seeing this reveal made me catch up on the latter six episodes of the first half of 86 -Eighty Six-. It’s a really great show, some even calling it an anime adaptation gold standard. I’ll probably post a review in the next couple of weeks but what we have here doesn’t appear in the first half.

This is the Reginleif and it’s basically the mid-season upgrade of the Juggernauts used by the Spearhead Squadron. It makes its debut in volume 2 of the light novels, and with the first half of the anime covering volume 1, we’ll likely see this machine in action when the latter half of 86 -Eighty Six- returns. Three HG kits have been revealed, with the one above likely to be used by the main protagonist, Shin Nouzen, having the same twin-bladed configuration as his original.

HG 1/48 Reginleif [Blade Equipment Type] (Temporary Name)
October 2021 / ¥3,600
Order from HobbyLink Japan

The Reginleif are much, much better units than the Juggernauts, which were dubbed as aluminum coffins thanks to how flimsy and weak they are. They have reinforced armor, increased mobility, and better weaponry, including pile bunkers and new wire anchors. The other new set of weapons are included with the two other High Grades announced.

First is the General Purpose Type / Machine Cannon Type and you can choose to build one configuration, which means you’ll need to get two if you want both. The former is more similar to the standard Juggernaut equipped with a smoothbore cannon while the latter is a new configuration.

HG 1/48 Reginleif [General Purpose Type / Machine Cannon Type] (Temporary Name)
October 2021 / ¥3,600
Order from HobbyLink Japan

Similarly, the third kit also allows you to choose and build one configuration. There’s the Long Range Cannon Type which is also similar to the third Juggernaut kit released. The other configuration is the Missile Equipment Type, which is basically two missile pods loaded onto the top of the Reginleif.

HG 1/48 Reginleif [Long Range Cannon Type / Missile Equipment Type] (Temporary Name)
November 2021 / ¥3,800
Order from HobbyLink Japan


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