One Shots / “Unexpected Assistance”

In an alternate reality where neither Great Mazinger nor Tetsuya Tsurugi exists, an unknown yet familiar robot comes to aid the damaged Mazinger Z. The unidentified robot, albeit the janky design, introduces itself as Taekwon V, built secretly from the neighboring country of Korea and uses technology compatible with Mazinger Z. TRU Metal / Taekwon … Continue reading One Shots / “Unexpected Assistance”

No Mazingers Here! Soul of Chogokin GX-100 Project

When it first started 1997, no one knew that the Soul of Chogokin line would be the definitive high-end collector mecha brand. It also led to the eventual creation of Tamashii Nations, or Bandai Spirits' collector-oriented division. It took them a while, like 24 years, and multiple renewals plus reissues, but they're finally reaching a … Continue reading No Mazingers Here! Soul of Chogokin GX-100 Project