Interesting, They’re Not Gokin Figures? Mini Action Series Mazinger Z & Aphrodite A

As I’ve yet to get myself a copy of the Mini Action God Sigma set, the amazing folks over at Action Toys has announced the next figures in the Mini Action line. And it is something I didn’t expect, especially after getting my copy of the Mini Gokin Tetsujin 28 from Shin Tetsujin 28.

They are doing both Mazinger Z and Aphrodite A for the next Mini Action releases, and if this were Bandai Spirits, they’d put both in some Chogokin brand like Soul of Chogokin or the now-defunct Super Robot Chogokin. But with the folks at Action Toys, they didn’t go Mini Gokin with these two and instead made them part of the Mini Action line. What makes this peculiar is that Mini Action releases focus on smaller-scale transformation while still maintaining a good chunk of articulation. And no, neither has a transformation feature.

Mazinger Z

For Mazinger Z, I decided to compare it with the Super Robot Chogokin just because that’s the easiest comparison to make, with both being desktop versions of the super robot. Sans some difference in colors, both basically look the same, except for the torso panel outline for the Mini Action version for that missile launching gimmick as seen above. With its straightforward design, I expect no problems as far as articulation goes.

Out of the box, Mazinger Z can do his signature attacks, including the Rocket Punch via replacement forearms with effect parts, the Daisharin Rocket Punch which are basically two translucent blue plastic pieces to mimic Mazinger Z spinning its arms, and its Breast Fire attack, which according to the solicitation, is going to be illuminated with LEDs.

Here’s the rundown of the figure along with its included accessories. Much like previous Mini Action releases, this set just contains the basic set of accessories needed by a Mazinger Z figure. Heck, it doesn’t even come with a separate Hover Pilder like the Super Robot Chogokin. But this is where Mini Action Aphrodite A comes in.

Mini Action Mazinger Z
Q3 2022 / HK$238

Aphrodite A

The other figure in this announcement is Aphrodite A, and just to be clear, they are sold individually. If Mazinger Z is more of a basic super robot, then Aphrodite A is ever more basic. Outside of its great articulation and its signature-slash-infamous Breast Missile attack, that’s what you get with Aphrodite A. The folks at Action Toys knew this as well, so they decided to bundle a few more accessories to this figure.

Outside of a replacement set of hands/manipulators and Breast Missile parts, all other accessories are for Mazinger Z. These include the Jet Scrander and a pair of replacement forearms for the Iron Cutter attack. And considering how cheap the prices of these figures go, I think you’re getting your money’s worth with what’s included.

Mini Action Aphrodite A
Q3 2022 / HK$208

The question now is, will I buy these figures? Probably not as I’m quite contented with my Super Robot Chogokin versions. Not to mention Tamashii Nations did a lot of Mazinger Z derivatives in that line (and I managed to get most of them). But if Action Toys did something like God Mazinger, then I’m down for it. For now, I still need to get that God Sigma set.

Oh, and one more thing, they’re also teasing Voltron (Lion Force) for the next Mini Action figure. It looks like I won’t be building my Super Minipla version anymore if I manage to get this one.

UPDATE: They just released another tease, this time of Voltron (Vehicle Force)! At this point, they’re basically flexing, and I’m definitely getting both sets!


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