I’ll Probably Get an S.H.Figuarts of This Guy: Earth Garon from “Ultraman Blazar”

Tsuburaya Productions has been doing an excellent job in “globalizing” their Ultraman brand with simulcasts of the newest shows internationally. And they are continuing the same, now with English dubbing, as they announce the next series in the long-running franchise, Ultraman Blazar.

Now I won’t be delving into the new Ultraman itself, you can check it out in the trailer above. What I’m more interested, and I believe it’s something they’ve started doing in Ultraman Z was to introduce combat mecha for the anti-kaiju task force of the series. I totally loved Sevenger and the others from Ultraman Z, but not so much the Terraphaser from Ultraman Decker, but it seems Ultraman Blazar will be introducing something in my wheelhouse.

This is Earth Garon and is designated as a “Type 23 Special Tactical Armored Kaiju,” which leads me to believe that this might be kaiju they fought previously and mounted armor plating with control systems afterwards. Regardless of possible origin, I like the design with its Godzilla-esque silhouette and especially the dark blue colors with brown and white highlights. And much like the Special Airborne Armors in Ultraman Z or Terraphaser in Ultraman Decker, I think we’ll likely get an S.H.Figuarts version on Earth Garon and I’ll likely pick it up.

If you can’t wait for that version, then you can get the DX toy over here. And for a DX toy, it has 20 points of articulation and 17 sound effects built in, as well as LED light up effects for the eyes and its signature attack, the Earth Fire. I’ll still wait for the S.H.Figuarts version though.


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