This Bot Looks Serious! Super-Dreadnought Series Megaton Musashi

October has finally began, and if caught this upcoming series preview post, it only means we’re in for quite the number of shows this season. The earliest to start among these is Megaton Musashi, which is part of Level 5’s cross-media project which includes the aforementioned anime, games, and of course, merchandise. In fact, Bandai has opened solicitations for the titular machine of the series, Megaton Musashi.

It is a 13cm figure, which means it would be perfect for my collection, and the solicitation itself provides a better look of the design. It has a very hero-looking aesthetic with its massive arms and legs attached to a relatively smaller torso. The figure also sports metallic paint to further reinforce its tough look. Musashi is part of their Super-Dreadnought Series which probably means other Megaton-class robots would be getting figures as I remember other robots besides Musashi in the trailers.

It’s also a good call that they didn’t make this a DX figure like those typically seen in Super Sentai or Ultraman series as those typically have all the happy transformation functions but totally lack any articulation outside the basics. Musashi does have a transformation but the solicitations emphasizes its ability to replicate dynamic poses. For weapons, it includes a set of double blades which are basically massive red swords and can be stored on the sides of its waist.

As for the transformation I mentioned above, Musashi can separate into individual components and can be deployed using special vehicles. And while we don’t get these vehicles in the set, the included display stand pieces sculpted to look like those vehicles, allowing you to replicate its combination sequence, dubbed as “Sky Build.”

Despite not being a Tamashii Nations nor a Bandai Hobby product, I still want to get this guy. Unfortunately, it’s a Premium Bandai exclusive and unlike those from the two aforementioned divisions, I’m not sure if any of my local hobby shops carry such products. But hey, that’s a problem for me to solve. If you want more info on this guy, check out the video Bandai released below.

Super-Dreadnought Series Megaton Musashi
February 2022 / ¥12,000


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