Finally Crossed out of the Build Queue: HG Force Impulse Gundam – Double Build Completed

I never expected to finish this double build and have time to fudge another one before 2022 ends, but it looks like I did, just right before Christmas. I actually took the shot above thinking I’d make another work-in-progress post for this build right after. But apparently, this would be my last update for this build, so I’ll use this regardless. At the time the photo above was taken, I’ve more or less completed the main mobile suit, as well as the ‘flyer’ units.

And then I thought the weapons would be easier to deal with. Well, not really as it just required as much paint as the other parts I’ve already completed.

Chief of these was the shield in its opened-up configuration, but the same amount of painting is also needed for the majority of the Force Silhouette. And based on the cotton swabs you see in the background, I did a lot of cleanup but ultimately, I was able to finish this guy and finally get it off my to-do builds.

I know this isn’t the best of kits, nor the best of builds, but I do get a sense of fulfillment upon seeing this guy completed and painted. I guess that’s the reason I really wanted to finally get the HG Force Impulse Gundam out of the backlog. I remember building this kit around the time Gundam SEED DESTINY was airing without painting for color accuracy and it didn’t look great. Not to say my build looks great either but at least it’s accurate to what’s seen in the series.

As for the inevitable question of the next build in the queue? I was intending to do another dual build of old kits, the HGUC Gundam GP01 and GP01Fb from Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. But I kind of don’t want to stress myself with much work because of older kits. So maybe something modern like the HG Dragonar-1 + Lifter-1 kit or the HGUC Moon Gundam, the latter tagged as the best kit of 2018. We’ll see.



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