Today on Suletta Sunday: Gundam Aerial Upgraded Form Tease! #水星の魔女

Mobile Suit Gundam the Witch from Mercury has delivered a special Christmas present as it returns from a one-week break to deliver what would be the start of its finale for the first part. With things heating up at Plant Quetta, we get a glimpse of what could possibly be an upgraded form of Gundam Aerial.

I was expecting the Aerial to get wrecked to a considerable extent at the end of this part to warrant an upgrade, but I guess that team duel a couple of episodes earlier served that purpose. From what we see in this brief glimpse it seems the Aerial gets new blue shoulder armors that appear to have thruster pods attached to them, in consideration of that episode where it had to use an external unit. There’s also more blue armor in the upper torso where the yellow vent-like details used to be.

There are also noticeable changes in the head, as it now has a set of double blade antennas and a single slit on its face plate. I don’t remember a lot of Gundams with single faceplate vents/slits though the Bolt Gundam from G Gundam definitely comes to mind.

So, while Bandai Spirits has announced some of the kits to appear in the next part of this series, they are clearly saving the details on this version of Gundam Aerial. Hopefully we get to see more of this in episode 12 though we do have to wait yet another two weeks because of New Year stuff.



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