Someone Give Optimus Prime His Face! Transformers Studio Series The Fallen

When Hasbro started the Transformers Studio Series line, of the figures fans really want revisited is The Fallen from 2009’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Besides collecting mostly Optimus Prime figures, I also buy those of the other Primes. And while not mentioned in the film, The Fallen was previously known as Megatronus Prime in other continuities, and he would fit in my collection. So, it was a delight when yesterday’s Pulse Fanstream finally revealed an updated version of the character.

The Fallen is one of the original Primes who turned to the dark side, and his brethren as well. His main goal in the film is to steal the Matrix of Leadership to power the Star Harvester inside the pyramids in Egypt. It’s probably the reason he has this Egyptian aesthetic going on. He has the same orange highlights his other incarnations have, though he also has these protrusions on his face colored in that Hasbro “Allspark blue.” If I remember correctly, they mentioned in the stream that these were supposed to be metallic blue so let’s see how it will appear in the final release.

As for his transformation, this is primarily based on the original Voyager class figure as he didn’t have one in the film. It does look odd, but it very well fits the weird Cybertronnian vehicle look they were going for. The staff he uses also splits and fits well in vehicle mode.

That’s quite a lovely face.

One of the reasons fans remember The Fallen, and at the same time further solidified pre-Bumblebee live-action Optimus Prime’s homicidal tendencies, is how he was defeated in that pyramid desert battle. In case you forgot, it was an anticlimactic battle that ends with his face ripped off by the maniacal Autobot leader. And now you can recreate that iconic scene with your figures, nice.

They also revealed the box art for The Fallen, and much like Hasbro’s other figures, they are moving away from using plastics in the packaging. Outside of the ’86 figures, this is the first window-less packaging for the Leader class figures in the line, while the Voyager and Deluxe classes still retain their small windows.

Transformers Studio Series The Fallen
January 2023 / $55.99


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