The Kit to Dual-Build With My MODEROID Rayearth: MODEROID Combined Rune God Rayearth

I got my MODEROID Rayearth, Spirit of Fire kit a month or so ago and much like the kits I’ve obtained recently, they all go straight to the backlog. But Rayearth is in the backlog for a more notable reason outside of me just being lazy. Some moons ago, Good Smile Company already teased a kit of the MODEROID Combined Rune God Rayearth, a form where all three Rune Gods (or Majins) combine whenever the individual ones don’t cut it.

As the leader and titular Rune God in the series, the combined form is primarily based on Rayearth’s design and colors. But closer inspection also reveals parts from both Ceres and Windom as well. You can see the latter with the primary feather-like wings coming from Windom while the secondary wings and tail come from Ceres. None of these are reused from the previous kits they do evoke the same aesthetics from the two aforementioned Rune Gods.

Similar to the kits of their individual forms, the combined Rune God also has good articulation as the armor design isn’t that obstructive. You can put the kit in dynamic poses, especially with the help of those large wings and segmented tail that should provide a better sense of motion.

Combined Rune God Rayearth only comes with a couple of accessories. First is a shield we saw earlier, and the main offensive weapon is the Flash Sword made from translucent yellow plastic.

Much like the previous kits, this one will have some pre-painted parts, as well as the aforementioned translucent parts for its weapon and the individual pieces seen throughout the body. I haven’t opened my Rayearth kit so I’m not sure how the silver or gold parts look, but I recommend painting them with your preferred paint for such colors.

If you got the three previous Magic Knight Rayearth kits, or like me and you just got Rayearth, then it would make perfect sense to get this one as well. I’m not sure if this is the last kit we’ll see from the series, especially when the latter half of the anime introduced more Rune Gods and actual piloted mecha. But if they decide to stop here, then Combined Rune God Rayearth would be a great piece to cap off this collection.

MODEROID Combined Rune God Rayearth
February 2023 / ¥6,800
Order via HobbyLink Japan


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