Taking a Breather: Entry Grade Strike Gundam

I just finished the HG Gundam Exia / Astraea dual build last weekend and before going forward with another double or dual build, I decided to look back at this chain of kits. Starting with the continuation of the HGCE Freedom / Strike Freedom Gundam builds late in November up to the end of February, that’s a total of eleven kits, which is quite the momentum for my standards. And as much as I want to keep that momentum, I do feel the need to take a breather. Fortunately, that opportunity to slow things down just came earlier today.

That’s quite the intro for me just to say I’m building the Entry Grade Strike Gundam next. I’m hoping to get the same enjoyment as I did with the Entry Grade RX-78-2 Gundam thanks to its clever engineering despite the low price point. Many have compared this to the HGCE version, and I might do the same once I complete the build — which I’m targeting to do by this weekend. Hopefully, I’ll be able to choose which kit, or kits, to build next while I’m at it.


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