Just Keep ’em Coming! MODEROID MADOX-01

Just a week or so ago, Good Smile Company opened solicitations for MODEROID God Gravion, one of the kits I’m looking forward to building ever since they first revealed it some time back. Then they made a LOT more reveals during the Mecha Smile Impact event which included this guy, MODEROID MADOX-01 and it looks like I’ll put this on the pre-order list as well.

This is the CG render they presented during Mecha Smile Impact, and it didn’t look like the advanced military prototype it was supposed to be with those bright colors. This time, we are getting 3D printed prototypes painted in what I assume to be the actual colors of the kit, or what the actual colors should be.

To those unfamiliar, Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01 is about the titular prototype Slave Trooper or powered exoskeleton which falls into the hands of a young mechanic who inadvertently gets stuck inside due to a bug in the operating system. You can catch highlights of this OVA through this neatly collated clip above.

First and foremost, I really like how this kit looks, and brings the whole 80’s aesthetic to this modern kit. That said, I do immediately notice the flesh-colored parts on the thighs. I’m not sure if those are supposed to be exposed human thighs, and it doesn’t make sense to have exposed parts on a heavily armored exoskeleton. Regardless, I really like the amount of sculpted detail and mechanics on this kit, especially on the rear sections.

A feature of the machine this kit is able to replicate is the transformation to its hover mode which, according to the solicitation, is done with interchangeable parts. I assume those opening rear boosters and wing flaps would be those replacement parts. You can also notice the range of leg movement despite being relatively bulky.

You can also replace the manipulators to put them in open or closed positions, as well as connect different weapon units to the forearms. Finally, the canopy can open to reveal what seems to be a random pilot head. I don’t think this is the guy that accidentally got in the cockpit as per the clip above. But the head piece is still detailed with all the optics and wirings. The canopy piece will also come in translucent green plastic.

These are everything that comes with the kit, including the replacement parts and weapon units. They also mention how the ammunition belt that comes with the Gattling gun is made from flexible materials. With everything included, you can display your MADOX-01 in a variety of ways and poses.

I’m really a sucker for these niche pieces of mecha history so I really appreciate it when companies get out of the more lucrative properties to cover these less popular ones. I do hope they also make the powered suit from Starship Troopers as I think they would really go well together.

September 2022 / ¥7,900
Order via HobbyLink Japan


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