First of Three Kits! MODEROID God Gravion

Good Smile Company has finally opened solicitations to one of the kits I’m really looking forward to this year, MODEROID God Gravion. They also opened a special section of their website which explains some of the more notable points of this kit.

For starters, despite just being CG renders, this kit makes me appreciate the design of God Gravion more. I mean it’s no doubt a combining super robot, but it also has modern aesthetics that make it blend better with its contemporaries. Masami Obari, Gravion/Gravion Zwei original director also supervised the production of this kit, and with tooling from God Brave Studio, the same folks behind other MODEROID and The Gattai releases. When combined, God Gravion would stand at 170mm, typical of modern super robot model kits.

Besides looking good, God Gravion also comes with its signature weapons and accessories for more display options. These include the Graviton Sword and two Gravity Rifles, and you can replicate the Graviton Sword being deployed from the chest armor with I assume to be replacement parts.

As I mentioned earlier, God Gravion is a combining super robot from the Gran Kaiser as the core and the four Grandivas — G Shadow, G Driller, G Striker, and G Attacker. While combining the G Striker and G Attacker to form the legs is straight forward, combining the G Driller would require replacement parts for better proportions. This is also the case for the G Shadow and the helmet of God Gravion itself.

The solicitation also mentions the inclusion of replacement non-transforming parts to make the combined form more stable. I assume these would be for the shoulders as the original transformation has the arms of Gran Kaiser slide inward and become part of the shoulder armors. I imagine this would be quite unstable, especially when dealing with arm articulation, hence the replacement parts. But that’s just me assuming.

Finally, we have Gran Kaiser which is the core unit of God Gravion, and where the articulation of the combined form comes from. This also means that Gran Kaiser itself should be articulated as well. As an added bonus, the kit also comes with a model kit-exclusive weapon, the Gran Magnum, which should provide more play options for the Gran Kaiser.

I personally think Gravion and Gravion Zwei are good examples of modern super robot designs. That’s why I really appreciate that we’re finally gettng modern kits of these machines. Oh, and let’s not forget this is just the first of three kits. There’s still both Sol Gravion and God Σ Gravion. Once all three kits are released, then we can combine them and form Ultimate Gravion.

MODEROID God Gravion
November 2022 / ¥7,500
Pre-order via HobbyLink Japan


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