Inspired by Mecha Smile Impact! Work-in-Progress #1: MODEROID Ingram Double Build

Good Smile Company had their gargantuan announcements of new and upcoming kits with Mecha Smile Impact. That made me think of the last time I built a MODEROID kit, which was God Mars around late 2020. So, I guess we’re due for another MODEROID build and I decided to go with a double build for the MODEROID Ingram from Patlabor.

The kit includes parts to build either Unit 1 or 2, so I decided to get two and build both. You can see the differences are just limited to the head unit and shoulder armors, but I don’t like swapping parts on kits so I’m building them separately. And for a change of pace compared to Bandai Spirits kits, we get marking and color-correcting sheet of water slide decals. Besides from having the option to build either Unit 1 or 2, the decal sheet also provides options to build either the TV, Movie or Reboot versions. (FYI, they are different continuities).

I won’t talk about the engineering and build quality here but the plastic feels softer and the sculpt isn’t the sharpest. But that’s okay, I guess I’ve been spoiled by Gunpla kits long enough to appreciate the quality in those. Regardless, I’m still enjoying these builds though I’m not sure when I can finish them.


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