Builds Complete! MODEROID God Mars

If I remember correctly, the last update I gave for this double build was around September and I was hoping to complete them by October. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t really cooperating for the last month and it only did around last week. In any case, this is the second MODEROID build I’ve completed and I have, more or less, a good idea of the engineering behind these kits. Also kind of makes me curious how the Super Minipla GoLion / Voltron [Lion Force] would differ.

As a double build, I did both God Mars and the individual robots (i.e. Gaia, Sphinx, Uranus, Titan, Shin, Ra) as separate kits, with the engineering really favoring the former. While all them look really good, God Mars definitely gets the better articulation, which is to be expected. In any case, I’m just glad to be done with these guys as I felt I’ve been building them for quite a while already.

Which leads to the next question. What’s the next kit out of the backlog? Well, I think I have the perfect kit as my next build…


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