#4005 / Transformers Generations – War For Cybertron: SIege / Optimus Prime

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was supposed to unveil this gallery around early next week. But I decided to defer that in favor of remastering all CATALOGUE Entries to 4K. The process took a couple of days or so, especially for my older shots. But for this guy, I’ve already started keeping all the 4K sources for that eventual conversion, which happened last week.

In any case, we’re finally doing 4K on the site, and taking the first slice of this new cake is Optimus Prime from the Transformers Generations – War for Cybertron: Siege toyline, and considered by many as one of the best Optimus Prime figures in recent years. Check out the full gallery by hitting the link below. Enjoy!

The CATALOGUE — #4000 / Transformers — #4005 / Transformers Generations – War for Cybertron: Siege / Optimus Prime


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