New “Sacks&Guns!!” Model Kits! HG Big Tony [Memempu & Gagumber Unit]

It sort of looks like 2021 is going to be a better year for mecha, with Back Arrow kicking it off and by Autumn, we’re getting yet another series. Sacks&Guns!! (or Sakugan as it’s Romanized in Japan) was initially slated for a 2020 broadcast but has been delayed and is now given an Autumn 2021 premiere. They also dropped a new trailer that you can watch right below:

Sacks&Guns!! tells a story, far in the future, where humans have been pushed to live in a deep underground world called “Labyrinth” and in it are several colonies, each having a different industry resulting to varying living conditions. Our main protagonists are the father-daughter tandem of Memempu and Gagumber who travels deeper into Labyrinth to find her mother. They do this with the help of the worker robot Big Tony and this is where Bandai Spirits come in.

This is the HG 1/72 Big Tony [Memempu & Gagumber Unit] and it looks cute with that head unit which is basically the whole torso. It also appears to have thread-looking parts on both legs so I am assuming some transformation to this guy. Not sure if this is going to have internal details but given it’s High Grade designation, expect a level of detail seen in other non-Gunpla HGs like the Sakura Wars ones or the Infinitism redesigns. It’s expected to be release in Autumn 2021 when the series premieres.

I really like that Bandai Spirits is taking licenses and making more kits outside of Gundam/Gunpla. I also hope that we get more mecha series this year.

HG 1/72 Big Tony [Memempu & Gagumber Unit]
Fall 2021


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