The GATTAI Exhibition in Taiwan: MODEROID “Mado King Granzort”

Having concluded around early January, Good Smile Company is continuing to roll with The GATTAI Exhibition, having its next stop in Taiwan. They haven’t really announced the details of the event because of you-know-what, but what they did announce are a new batch of MODEROID kits, all coming from Mado King Granzort.

Here’s another story. I always found the designs from Granzort quite interesting, especially with the whole head mode transformation gimmick. As for representation in plastic, we previously got those Variable Action / Hi-Spec figures and a recent Metamor-Force release. The former has questionable QC based on my general experience with other figures in the line, with the latter is more premium — including the price. So I really appreciate something relatively in between.

Revealed are the three primary “mado warriors” in the series — Granzort, Windzort, and Aquabeat. All three kits are poseable, come with their signature weapons, and can transform and be displayed in their head modes with the help of an magic circle display base. More will be revealed as The GATTAI Exhibition in Taiwan kicks off.


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