Pre-CATALOGUE Thoughts: Transformers “Kingdom” Rodimus Prime

We've been moving stuff over at our house at the moment, which would lead to a slow down of CATALOGUE Entries and One Shots for the time being. That said, these shouldn't stop me from providing unsolicited thoughts on some plastic crack. So let's start with one of my recent purchases, Commander Class Rodimus Prime … Continue reading Pre-CATALOGUE Thoughts: Transformers “Kingdom” Rodimus Prime

Should’ve Gotten Hot Rod: “Transformers Kingdom” Rodimus Prime

Many collectors agree that Hod Rod from the '86 subline of Transformers Studio Series is one of the best figures in the line so far. I also shared the same sentiment, but that wasn't enough reason for me to get a copy. And it looks like I should've have since they've announced its follow up, … Continue reading Should’ve Gotten Hot Rod: “Transformers Kingdom” Rodimus Prime