Pre-CATALOGUE Thoughts: Transformers “Kingdom” Rodimus Prime

We’ve been moving stuff over at our house at the moment, which would lead to a slow down of CATALOGUE Entries and One Shots for the time being. That said, these shouldn’t stop me from providing unsolicited thoughts on some plastic crack. So let’s start with one of my recent purchases, Commander Class Rodimus Prime from the Transformers Generations – War for Cybertron: Kingdom line.

My first impression upon taking this guy out of the box is just how solid it feels. Whether in its space Winnebago or robot mode, Rodimus Prime has heft. The transformation and engineering are also very clever with how each panel compacts and fills up gaps you’d normally see on a mainline Transformers figure. Very notable are the lower legs, areas that are normally hollow if released within lines from previous years.

Compared to Rodimus Prime from Power of the Primes, this is leaps and bounds better, with the robot mode having amazing proportions and excellent articulation to boot. It definitely beats both the Earthrise and Siege Optimus Prime releases, which are already great figures in their own right. I don’t really care about the trailer but it does serve its purpose of being a mobile weapons platform for Rodimus, thanks to its chockful of ports for attaching all the accoutrements he comes with.

Overall, Kingdom Rodimus Prime could easily be the best Transformers release in 2021. Too bad he doesn’t appear in the Netflix series, which makes me wonder why he wasn’t placed in the Studio Series line.

Get yours over at HobbyLink Japan.


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