MODEROID Bakuryu-Oh and God Raijin-Oh

Before I delve into the actual meat and potatoes of MODEROID Bakuryu-On, I would like to lay down my initial plan for these kits as I wanted to build separate kits of these machines in both their separated and combined modes. So, in order to build one of the following:

  • Ken-Oh
  • Ju-Oh
  • Ho-Oh
  • Raijin-Oh
  • Bakuryu Dragon
  • Bakuryu-Oh
  • God Raijin-Oh

I would need to purchase 3 copies each of both MODEROID Raijin-Oh and Bakuryu-Oh kits for this to work. Not exactly the most practical way to approach this hobby.

MODEROID Bakuryu-Oh and God Raijin-Oh

With that out of the way, Good Smile Company has put up solicitations for MODEROID Bakuryu-Oh, the support machine of Raijin-Oh. Unlike Raijin-Oh, Bakuryu-Oh doesn’t combine but instead transforms from its Bakuryu Dragon form. To maintain design accuracy, the transformation would require using parts exclusive to Bakuryu Dragon. The transformation mechanic shouldn’t impede any articulation in Bakuryu-Oh mode as well. For accessories, it will include both the Bakuryu Cannon and Bakyryu Shield.

MODEROID Bakuryu-Oh and God Raijin-Oh

Let’s discuss God Raijin-Oh, the combined form of Raijin-Oh and Bakuryu-Oh. Each kit in this combination has its own engineering philosophy to introduce various degrees of play. Raijin-Oh aims to achieve perfect transformation while maintaining design accuracy. Bakuryu-Oh focuses on the Bakuryu Dragon mode and replicating the scene where Raijin-Oh rides on it. Finally, God Raijin-Oh is all about accuracy to the animation and line art via the use of additional parts. Speaking of parts, here’s the breakdown of which goes to where.

MODEROID Bakuryu-Oh and God Raijin-Oh

That’s the parts distribution to form God Raijin-Oh and as mentioned, special parts will be required to have this combination. We are assuming the special God Raijin-Oh parts would be coming with the Bakuryu-Oh kit and these would allow us to build a very accurate depiction of the design. These would also allow a very articulated kit of this combination. Weapons and accessories included are God Raijin Sword and God Raijin Bazooka.

September 2019 / ¥5,556


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