Today’s Exclusive Non-Premium Bandai Gunpla

Premium Bandai is celebrating its 10 years of existence... 10 years of online exclusive figures or model kits that are more difficult and expensive to get. But do you know what's harder to get? Exclusives tied up to specific merchandise or services specific to Japan. And they have announced a couple of such kits. HG … Continue reading Today’s Exclusive Non-Premium Bandai Gunpla

You Saw It Coming: Real Grade RX-93 Nu Gundam

When Bandai Spirits released the Real Grade Sazabi, it basically confirms that its rival unit, the Nu Gundam would be getting the same Real Grade treatment. And now we have details. Bandai Spirits is set to release the RG RX-93 Nu Gundam a year after the Sazabi and it's more or less what we've expected, … Continue reading You Saw It Coming: Real Grade RX-93 Nu Gundam