One Shots / "Final Approach"

Launching for the final battle, Kira Yamato and his Strike Freedom Gundam speeds through the mobile space fortress Messiah to stop Gilbert Durandal's machinations once and for all.


#1001 / The Metal Robot Spirits ⟨Side MS⟩ // Musha Gundam

Finally opened the #1000 CATALOGUE Entries with the first being the HGUC RX-78-2 Gu-- nope. The first entry is The Metal Robot Spirits ⟨Side MS⟩ Musha Gundam. I really don't have any special reasons for choosing this guy other than being able to grab it quickly for the shoot. Anticlimactic reasons aside, I will be … Continue reading #1001 / The Metal Robot Spirits ⟨Side MS⟩ // Musha Gundam

Double Your Destiny

Fans of the Destiny Gundam would be in for a treat this May 2019 as Bandai Spirits is releasing the mobile suit as a High Grade Cosmic Era kit and a Metal Robot Spirits figure. First announced was the Metal Robot Spirits Destiny Gundam which follows the releases of both the Strike Freedom Gundam and … Continue reading Double Your Destiny