It’s not DX, it’s DLX: DLX Iron Man Mark 43

threezero's DLX line is not new, in fact they already have multiple releases, albeit limited to the Transformers franchise. After the DLX series of Transformers: Bumblebee launched, DLX Transformers became the must-have collection among fans around the globe. The DLX line presents intricate designs in a smaller scale with high-fidelity production value. With its unique … Continue reading It’s not DX, it’s DLX: DLX Iron Man Mark 43

One Shots / "Last Call, Final Warning"

Tony Stark isn't one to give out last calls and final warnings when he issues the Repulsor treatment. This time it's different, especially when he's using the Hulkbuster armor and he's dealing with the Hulk. But don't get him wrong, he has every intention to shoot... just with permission.