Box Art Extravaganza: April 2020

Everything is essentially at a pause right now because of what's happening around the world lately. But staying at home is indeed a perfect opportunity to build more kits. Fortunately, Bandai Spirits is still releasing them and so, here are some packaging art for kits this month. I think it's been more or less a … Continue reading Box Art Extravaganza: April 2020

New Gunpla Announcements: High Grade BUILD DIVERS:R

Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE ended its first season on a rather surprising note. Even the fact that it's split into two seasons is already surprising enough. While the second season is slated to premiere in April, Bandai Spirits wastes no time in teasing some of the upcoming kits. Here's two I found interesting. Evil Core … Continue reading New Gunpla Announcements: High Grade BUILD DIVERS:R