Cockpits and Coffins? Hobby Next Phase 2023 Spring: HG “#SYNDUALITY” Kits

Around September 2022, a new multimedia science-fiction project called Project SYN was announced and it will be comprised of a game and an anime series. You can check out my previous post on this project here, and one of the more recent trailers below.

Also included in that announcement are upcoming HG kits for the mecha in this series, morbidly called “cradle coffins.” and we are finally getting more details on them as part of this season’s Hobby Next Phase.

HG Daisy Ogre

Ippei Gyoubu is tagged as the mechanical designer for this project, and it’ does show with this ‘s much reflected in how these cradle coffin units look. The arms and legs give me the same vibes as a mobile suit from IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS though the overall aesthetic is unique to this world. The cradle coffins also share the same proportions as the machines seen in the Sakura Wars games, but the similarities end there.

Each cradle coffin is occupied by the pilot in the front, and the humanoid AI (or Magus) at the back, or what they refer to as the actual coffin part of the machine. The model kit replicates both functionalities with an opening cockpit hatch that reveals nicely sculpted internal details. While the back panel opens to reveal a special chamber for the Magus. Both pilot and Magus will be included as unpainted figures.

The trailer linked above shows how the cradle coffins are very agile machines despite the weird proportions, being able to jump platforms and do acrobatics easily. The kit is able to do the same thanks to multiple joint assemblies on the waist, arms, and especially the legs. You also get options for Daisy Orge to use different stickers for the eye sensors. Though I assume this is a pick-and-choose deal as stickers will tend to lose adhesion if you peel and stick them repeatedly.

Speaking of options, Daisy Ogre comes with several option parts for accessories, weapons, and some transformation mechanism. For weapons, it has the Saw Chain which reminds me of Gypsy Danger’s sword from Pacific Rim, except that this is… well… a saw, then we also have a rifle that you can equip to Daisy Orge via replacement hand parts, typical HG stuff.

You can see in one of the images above Daisy Ogre on an Action Base, which is unfortunately not included. What’s included is a smaller support stand to prop the model kit as the rather large torso unit might pose balancing issues.

HG Daisy Ogre
July 2023 / ¥3,700
Order via HobbyLink Japan

HG GIlbow

The second cradle coffin kit we’re getting is HG Gilbow which is a new reveal from Hobby Next Phase. The other cradle coffin we see in the trailer above, the one in purple and green, is called John Gasmaker. Such an awesome name though there’s no kit revealed of it as of yet. Anyway, compared to Daisy Ogre, Gilbow has a clean design, and sort of gives me Unicorn Gundam vibes with all the red caution markings and pinstripes.

Like Daisy Orge, Gilbow also has an opening cockpit and a coffin to house its pilot and Magus respectively. On the right is an exploded view of the main torso unit, which gives us an idea of how these kits would be constructed. We basically have an internal frame for the cockpit and the coffin while all the external armor panels and hatches are connected outside.

Similar to Daisy Orge, this kit will not include an Action Base but will come with the same support stand for simpler poses. Several axes of movement are included with the legs and the vernier thruster for dynamic poses and it can very well hold its weapons as you can see here.

For weapons, Gilbow won’t let itself lose to the Saw Chain of Daisy Orge as it also comes with its own crazy weapon, the Energy Impact Blade. It’s basically a beam blade that’s mounted on the left forearm. It also has a rifle, replacement hand parts to hold its weapons, and parts to transform the legs.

HG Gilbow
August 2023 / ¥4,200
Order via HobbyLink Japan

They also revealed a Figure-rise Standard model kit of Noir, the Magus (or humanoid AI) for Daisy Orge and in all honesty, it’s probably the prettiest of the Figure-rise Standard human kits so far.

Yup, I’m sold on the design of these cradle coffins, especially on how they look very clunky, yet they move very sleekly. I can’t wait to see them in action in the SYNDUALITY anime though other than the 2023 release date, no specifics on its premiere have been revealed.


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