Brand Collaboration That Makes Sense: Transformers Generations VNR Optimus Prime

We’ve been getting a lot of brand collaboration with Transformers recently, and I’m not talking about the Transformers Collaborative figures like the one with Ghostbusters or Top Gun. I’m talking about the weirder stuff like that Transformers ✕ G-Shock Optimus Prime watch cradle or more recently, the Transformers / Canon Optimus Prime R5 figure. But this one is something that makes more sense to collaborate with the Transformers brand, and we already got a good preview through last holiday season’s surprise Holiday Optimus Prime figure.

Introducing Transformers Generations VNR Optimus Prime, and we got packaging shots!

I’ve heard a lot of rumors about what this figure was supposed to be when it got released as Holiday Optimus Prime, that it was supposed to be an Amazon exclusive or something. Fans also speculated that this mold is a viable candidate to be retooled as G2 Combat Hero Optimus Prime thanks to how the legs transform. Then Hasbro made that announcement that it will get a more traditionally colored version, and it looks like this is it.

Anyway, the figure looks to be exactly the same mold as Holiday Optimus Prime, just in more familiar colors. And it comes with the same Earthrise trailer except that the repair drone appears to be gray instead of blue. I also notice the clear windows, in contrast to the green in the holiday version, which should also translate to a seemingly clear matrix chamber.

Regardless, I’m a sucker for these Optimus Prime variations and tie-ins so I’m definitely picking this guy up. I’m still hoping for a Hero Optimus Prime retool though.



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