New Project Begins: “SYNDUALITY” Anime Details and Model Kits Revealed

Last week, I caught wind of Project SYN, a multimedia science-fiction project that includes a game and an anime series. A teaser of the game was already released, and they were scheduled to release more information on the anime project yesterday, to which they did and more.

For starters, both the SYNDUALITY game and anime are set in a post-apocalyptic Earth, starting with the events of 2099 where 92% of the population was decimated with deadly poisonous rain, a disaster now known as “Tears of the New Moon.” Hundreds of years have passed, and humanity has adapted and settled in underground cities.

The game is set in 2222 in the underground city of Amasia where humanity has prospered despite the disaster years prior. But an accident leads to the collapse of the city overnight. Here you’ll follow the drifter Alba Kuze and Ada, his AI partner that are referred to as Magus.

The anime is then set 20 years after in 2242 where you’ll follow another Magus named Noir who wakes up without her memories.

Besides the interesting premise and story, what really piqued my interest in this project are the mecha elements. And we now have more details on what they refer to as “Cradle Coffins.”

Left to Right: Daisy Ogre and Bowie Rabbit, both reminding me of Jaeger names from Pacific Rim.

Yes, the bipedal piloted mecha in this franchise are very uniquely called Cradle Coffins and have consequently unique designs. Each of these machines has a rather large body unit that houses the pilot and Magus (AI) and have disproportionally sized arms and legs. Appearing in the game is Bowie Rabbit while we have Daisy Ogre in the anime.

Speaking of arms and legs, this provides a good segue to the other reveal during yesterday’s special program, the model kits.

They might still be gray prototypes, but they do look great, especially the sculpted and surface details. I can’t say anything regarding color accuracy as they are still gray prototypes but hopefully these would have good color separation. Size-wise, I’m inclined to think these are probably along the lines as the Sakura Wars HG kits they did back in 2020 based on how they’re propped up on those display stands.

Speaking of display stands, the aforementioned smaller legs would probably make it difficult for these kits to stand without external support. But I still hope they are able to do so on their own. I also assume the back panels could open up as this is where the humanoid form of the Magus AI goes when these Cradle Coffins are deployed.

Tamashii Nations is also releasing collectible figures from the franchise, and we should get a glimpse of these during their Tamashii Nation 2022 Tokyo event this November.

The SYNDUALITY game is scheduled to be released in 2023 so we can safely assume that the anime, model kits, and figures would also be available next year.


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