Weapons & Accessories, the Bane of Old Kits: HGUC Gundam GP01/Fb Dual Build – Work-in-Progress #3

I’m now in the third weekend of this dual build and decided to complete as much as possible given that I’ll be busy the following week — which is this week. I started with building the rest of HGUC Gundam GP01Fb from just the torso I had last time. I also did the same for HGUC Gundam GP01 though I only needed to build the hands, feet, and backpack units.

Now for the fun part, and I’m totally sarcastic about this — the weapons and accessories. Both kits were released at a time when beam effect parts for High Grades were unheard of and most got that many are now calling ‘toothpicks’ for beam sabers, The same is true for the shields which are large white pieces with equally large blue foil stickers. At least the shields are exactly the same for both kits, so I just need to duplicate my effort in painting them. Oh, and there are also the Core Fighters of both kits, but at least I’ve already painted the parts of those.

I’m targeting to complete both kits next weekend though I still have no idea of what to do next. At least I now have good pieces for the HGUC Engage Zero whenever my copy arrives.


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