Get Them While You Can! Today’s Robits: Gundam Factory Yokohama

Robit” is an online slang used as alternative to the word “robot.”

Gundam Factory Yokohama is one of the several Gundam 40th Anniversary celebratory productions and is originally touted as a project aimed at creating the first walking Gundam. Well, it ended up not actually walking by itself (I guess we’re too early for that), but it still is a remarkable sight if you ever get the chance to get there. Unfortunately, it opened in the midst of the pandemic and Japan was one of the last countries to open in this post-pandemic climate. Especially after knowing that the whole attraction is closing by March 2023, at least from the last I heard.

Several exclusive kits were sold on the site and with it closing down, prices of these kits would surely skyrocket. So, I thought of the next best thing.

Thanks to the amazing folks at Buyee (not sponsored), I got these two kits. First is the repackage of the original 1/144 RX-78F00 Gundam, this time without the Gundam Dock, and second would be the High Mobility Type. I already have the original release of RX-78F00 with Gundam Dock, albeit still in the backlog, so why did I get a second copy?

I got the idea when they announced the 1/144 Gundam High Mobility Type, and that it didn’t have a vanilla RX-78F00 Gundam underneath the extra armor. Instead, it has what I’ll call the F00 Prototype Gundam, complete with its black and red colors, and the ankle armor design specific to the Prototype Gundam. Because of this, I am planning to build the F00 Prototype Gundam as a standalone kit, and permanently attach the High Mobility parts to the other F00 Gundam I got here. Just like how I permanently attached the Chobham Armor of the HGUC Gundam NT-1 (Check out: CATALOGUE Entry #1008).

In any case, I’m good to copies of these kits as their aftermarket prices will likely shoot to ranges well beyond their actual worth once Gundam Factory Yokohama closes shop.



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