Will the ‘Plus’ Make me Buy One? Structure Arts Plus Seibzehn

Square Enix’s various ‘Arts’ lines have been hit or miss deals for me, that’s why I’m hesitant to get one whenever something new is announced. I’m mostly talking about the action figures as I haven’t had the chance to build any of their Structure Arts kits. That said, for a “weekend modeler” like myself, I don’t have the time and luxury to put that much effort into making these kits look good. To those unfamiliar, the current Structure Arts kits have great detail, and possibly good articulation, but you’ll need to paint them, like any old school model kit, to look good. And again, I don’t have the time to do extensive painting.

That’s why the announcement of a new 1/144 scale Seibzehn kit from Xenogears attracted my curiosity, because the kit is in color. I initially thought they might just be showing painted samples, but previous Structure Arts reveals typically show kits in their unpainted state. And that’s when I realized this guy will be part of the new Structure Arts Plus line, and that plus means color.

I didn’t play Xenogears back in the day (which is a pretty travesty thing to say for someone claiming to be a mecha enthusiast) so I don’t have familiarity with this design, but it does look good with the large frame and bulky proportions. It’s mostly blue and the color separation will come in to play on the red and white highlights, plus that small yellow detail on the waist area. Then there’s the massive thruster pods or fuel tanks in the back, both in this brownish-gray color.

While the kit looks good thanks to the colors, articulation is another topic made no easier by Seibzehn’s bulky design. At least it’s able to do basic knee and elbow bends, but don’t expect too much.

I’m expecting this kit to be much more expensive than your typical Structure Arts release, which you could easily attribute to the larger size as seen with this comparison with the 1/144 Structure Arts Weltall, which is a little shorter than your average 1/144 scale Gunpla so you can just imagine how massive the Seibzehn is. To assist with putting the kit into various poses, it comes with a clear display stand as well as two more pairs of replacement hand parts.

Structure Arts Plus 1/144 Seibzehn
October 28, 2023 / ¥14,800
Order via HobbyLink Japan

Likewise, the Weltall, along with the first set of Xenogears Structure Arts kits are getting a rerelease this December so if you’re thinking of getting one, then check out the build videos from Japanese modeler たぶんぐだぐだ模型日記 I’ve compiled below.

And then, head onto site affiliate HobbyLink Japan (Link) for more Xenogears Structure Arts kits.



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