Now We’re Dual-Building! HGUC Gundam GP01/Fb Dual Build – Work-in-Progress #2

I’ve finally started to do the ‘dual’ part of this dual build with the HGUC Gundam GP01Fb from Stardust Memory. For the sections I’ve built so far, the construction is the same as GP01 as they share several runners of parts. GP01Fb does have more vernier thrusters, hence the name, and unfortunately, almost all of them are molded and sculpted along with the parts they’re connected to. Which means you will need to paint all of them in gray and the insides red.

These include the reverse thrusters replacing the chest vents, the shoulder armor verniers, and the Boost Pods which you need to deal with twice — one pair for the mobile suit and another for the separate Core Fighter. As of this post, I’ve already painted all of them so at least those have been dealt with. I’m targeting to build both arms within the week and hopefully have the same progress as GP01 here by the weekend.



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