This Ain’t Stolen! “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts” Voyager Class Optimus Prime

The Transformers community is already used to reviewers getting copies of toys much earlier than their official Hasbro reveals or release dates, often due to questionable access to production lines or other similar means. This is also true with the Transformers: Rise of the Beasts line as we’ve already seen copies of figures being reviewed despite them being not yet available. But yesterday, lichlute over at YouTube appears to have legitimately purchased a copy of Voyager class Optimus Prime from the mainline, and not the Studio Series version. I’ve included the video review, albeit in Chinese, below:

I know there’s some confusion there and from what I’ve read, the mainline Rise of the Beasts toys outside of the child-oriented, gimmick-based ones were based on initial concept designs while the Studio Series versions would be much closer to their on-screen appearances.

The figure is based on Optimus Prime’s design following the events of Bumblebee and the similarities are definitely there. As such, I was expecting the figure would just be a retool of the Bumblebee Studio Series version. But it looks like this is an entirely new mold based on the comparisons below.

This side-by-side definitely makes Bumblebee Prime look chunkier.

We are already getting relatively smaller Voyager class figures at this point so this guy being even smaller makes it a larger Deluxe or something similar. I’m inclined to think the Studio Series version would be more into the current Voyager class standard. There are some silver paint applications on the shoulder armors and the top of the torso, but the abdominal region is only plain gray — or “Games Workshop” gray as folks in the community call it. It would definitely benefit from some panel wash to bring out the sculpted details.

The way the two wheels fold at the back makes me think the transformation could be similar to Kingdom Optimus Prime.

There’s even more gray at the back and there’s literally no blue color to be found. I’m definitely hoping the Studio series version looks much better.

Truck mode is also much smaller, but it has a lot of riveting details and the clear blue plastic for the windshield does look good with the light blue headlights. The windshield frame is also not a straight rectangle, but more of a subtle trapezoid. You can attach Optimus Prime’s Ion Blaster on the trailer hitch, and it can, technically, haul the Earthrise trailer, though it does look awkward since they’re not exactly level with each other.

If you’re appalled by this rather smaller figure, then check out its articulation as it is very poseable based on the review above. It can even do an excellent three-point landing pose, or as others call it, the superhero landing pose.

We also got a look at the packaging for the mainline Rise of the Beasts figures, and we do see the price tag sticker on the lower right, suggesting that this is a legitimate purchase and not smuggled out of the production line.

This figure seems to look good, but not great thanks to the abundance of unpainted gray plastic. There’s also a lot of sculpted detail that would definitely benefit a panel wash. And while I will definitely wait for the Studio Series version of this guy, I am also looking forward to getting a copy of this one.


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