Chest Flyer Looks Dumb: HG Force Impulse Gundam – Double Build Work-in-Progress #2

I’ve continued along my HG Force Impulse Gundam double build, and I’ve managed to paint and complete the upper torso unit, or what would be the Chest Flyer. And yes, it looks dumb and uninspired as it was back in 2004. After taking this photo, I was also able to build the waist units so ultimately, the remaining work is mostly on the lower half of the mobile suit, and its weapons. Double building this kit meant I can build the shield in both its closed and open configurations, and I’m already done with the former — which is also used as under carriage of the Chest Flyer.

After taking this photo, I’ve also built the waist unit of the Impulse Gundam and will likely start the same for the Leg Flyer. I still need to do some masking on the vent areas of the legs but compared to the painting needed for the upper sections, this should be much easier.



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