Idols and Moon Rock Smashers: MODEROID Prometheus-1 Imber

One of the more peculiar mecha series to come out in the last 20 years is Idolmaster: Xenoglossia, a spinoff of The Idolmaster franchise, but only by name. Because in this series, the Idolmasters are actually pilots of uniquely designed mecha called “IDOLs”. And this is exactly the kind of obscurity that the folks at Good Smile Company would turn into a model kit. Thus, we are getting a MODEROID Prometheus-1 Imber model kit.

Oh look, the old watermark returns!

Fun fact, this isn’t the first time I’ve built Imber. Kotobukiya has, in fact, released Imber as part of their Mode Lock line of modular kits. They aren’t exactly the best but for the limited details and articulation they have, this is the only thing fans of design have for a good while.

Compared to that Mode Lock kit, the MODEROID version, at least based on these CG renders, looks much better. But then again, this is a design that wouldn’t suit everyone thanks to its lanky proportions and weird overall aesthetic. But hey, I like it and so I’m going to buy it.

With lanky proportions comes the question of whether this thing could stand on its own, and it doesn’t help that Imber appears to have rocket nozzles as feet. To make the kit stand without the use of display bases or any support armature, they placed landing struts on the bottom of the legs. I’m not sure if this is accurate to the animation but they’re so small that they’re almost negligible.

You can also see the details the kit has on the upper sections, especially on that head with a small optic section and a large top headpiece. Hopefully, those eyes would be pre-painted as I clearly remember the horror of painting such minute details on the Mode Lock kit.

A feature of all the IDOL units that I actually forgot prior to seeing this image is that they actually have a flight mode, which is just the machine folding itself into a boxed configuration that doesn’t have any aerodynamic considerations. But it works in show and that’s all that matters. This mode is achieved through the use of replacement parts though I don’t think it’s not to the same levels as your typical HGUC Zeta Gundam kit. There’s also a tiny display base to prop Imber in flight mode.

As lanky as the design is, Imber doesn’t appear to have any major hindrance in articulation and the placement of joints should allow for dynamic poses. Especially for a machine that specializes in melee combat if those large flip out knuckles don’t give it away. I just hope the central spine-like assembly is strong enough to handle such poses as it could easily be the weakest point of the kit, structurally.

Imber also comes with extra parts for replacing the blue parts on the chest and front armor panels. There’s a set of pink parts to build Imber as it appeared in the latter half of the series and another set of white parts for when Chihaya Kisaragi pilots Imber. In addition, the default fold out armaments can be replaced with Faustschlag equipment which you can display in both standby and deployed configurations, with the latter being done with replacement piledriver parts.

I don’t think the kit comes with a display base outside of the small block for its flight mode so you can get one of Good Smile Company’s very versatile The Simple Stand sets or a similarly compatible Tamashii Nations one.

As weird as it may sound, Idolmaster: Xenoglossia is one of those series that stuck with me, mainly because it was one of the first that I watched while it was ongoing. Yes, it was around 2007 that I was able to watch anime as it came out of Japan — methods of doing so notwithstanding. So, while the series is definitely on the niche side of the mecha spectrum and is quite a departure from your usual The Idolmaster production, I do have an appreciation for it. Which is why I’m totally getting a copy of this kit.

MODEROID Prometheus-1 Imber
July 2023 / ¥8,000
Order via HobbyLink Japan


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