This Recolor Makes Total Sense: RG Destiny Impulse Gundam

My stance on building and collecting Real Grade kits has changed in recent years. I previously wanted to buy every Real Grade of a lead or titular Gundam but now, I reserve those purchases to kits that really deserve the Real Grade moniker, or something I won’t get as a High Grade. Case in point the RG Destiny Impulse Gundam which is the RG Force Impulse Gundam but with a new Silhouette Pack. I didn’t get the RG Force Impulse as I thought the HGCE kit would suffice, but this guy presents a good reason for me to get a variant of that kit.

The Destiny Impulse is basically a prototype of the Destiny Gundam we saw in Gundam SEED DESTINY. Its concept involves combining all the features of the Impulse Gundam’s primary Silhouette Packs — Force, Sword, and Blast — into one, the Destiny Silhouette. The Impulse Gundam is exactly the same as the original release but in multiple shades of red and purple instead of the traditional Gundam tricolors.

The Destiny Silhouette comes with twice of everything, chief being the Telescopic Beam Barrel Cannons which can be deployed either as underslung units or overhead similar to the Freedom Gundam. It also has two “Excalibur” Anti-Ship Swords which are the same as the Sword Impulse Gundam’s, as well as two “Flash Edge” Beam Boomerangs mounted on the back side of the forearms.

I know some of you may be wondering if the Wings of Light unit on the Destiny Silhouette came straight from the RG Destiny Gundam. Well, looking at the overall shape and the panel line details leads me to believe that it isn’t Though of course, it shares the same engineering as those from the Destiny Gundam — because it can also use the same Premium Bandai exclusive “Wings of Light” effects set. Unfortunately, it’s been a good long while since that set was sold so unless they’re going to do a reissue, you might need to source your effects set elsewhere.

Though it does look really good when in use.

I already mentioned in a previous post how the situation is with our local Premium Bandai online store. So, between this and the HGFC Gundam Rose, I’ll likely prioritize the latter. But at least, I now have a great reason to get a copy of this mold.

RG 1/144 Destiny Impulse Gundam
April 2023 / ¥4,300


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