The Gunpla Gods Have Listened! HGFC Gundam Rose

When Bandai Spirits expanded the gold banded HGUC line to the silver banded “other centuries” HG kits, it opened a whole ton of possible kits. Unfortunately, they are also taking quite the time to dish these kits out, and if they do, they’re mostly Premium Bandai exclusives which is a total bummer. And we have a new one, which is an online exclusive as expected, but still caught many out of left field. Most importantly, it’s one of the mobile fighters from G Gundam which I really wanted to get a modern version.

My fellow Gunpla builders, collectors, and enthusiasts, we are finally getting the HGFC Gundam Rose.

Gundam Rose is Neo France’s representative in the 14th Gundam Fight piloted by George de Sand. And as seen here, it’s rendered gorgeously as a modern High Grade kit, an extremely far cry from the original 1/144 scale kit released in 1994. Upon initial inspection, you’ll immediately notice the excellent proportions of this guy, especially with that large asymmetrical cloak that covers its left arm. It also appears that the good chunk of the color applications are actual plastic pieces, which is more awesome.

This is an immediate day-one pre-order, no doubt.

With its primary fighting style based on fencing, the kit doesn’t have to do all those karate-chopping dynamic poses. But as you can see here, it’s still able to replicate all the signature Gundam Rose poses seen in the series. This is, no less, thanks to the modern articulation applied to this guy, which also extends to the mantle-type shield which are individually articulated, allowing you to flare them out for an even more dynamic effect.

The same is also achieved thanks to the weapons and accessories included. First is the Chevalier Saber, which is basically your quintessential beam saber with a translucent blue saber blade effect part. But of course, let’s not forget the signature weapon and attack of Gundam Rose, the Rose Bits.

In the series, Gundam Rose can deploy dozens of these Rose Bits from the mantle-type shield for an attack called the Rose Hurricane. And while the kit doesn’t include dozens of Rose Bits you’ll probably get tired of building individually, it does come with four with intricately detailed petals. You can display the Rose Bits being deployed from the mantle-type shield with the use of more effect parts. I just hope that the hinges on the mantle parts can hold on to the additional weight for this display option.

And for something that’s quite uncommon for Gunpla releases, this set includes an Action Base 5 in the same translucent blue plastic to replicate the Rose Bits flying around the mobile suit. You can also remove some of the mantle parts and have themselves be deployed as part of a model kit-original gimmick illustrated by G Gundam series director Yasuhiro Imagawa,

The solicitations also mention how the kit has significant torso articulation for forward/backwards bends as well as side-to-side rotation, which is something that the old 1994 kit completely lacked. And of course, it comes with a Core Lander that can transform and dock with the main mobile fighter body.

It’s very unfortunate that Bandai Spirits deem Gundam Rose as not that popular to get a retail release, which is understandable. But it also allows many to miss what looks to be a great kit, especially if you’re a fan of G Gundam and all the craziness it comes with. It’s also very unfortunate how our local Premium Bandai shop tends to sell out in minutes, so it looks like I’ll be spamming that refresh button once pre-orders start.

HGFC 1/144 Gundam Rose
February 2023 / ¥2,650



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