GUND-Bits and Pieces: HG Gundam Aerial & Lfrith Dual Build – Work-in-Progress #4

Despite being out most of the past weekend, I was still able to allot time to build the lower half of HG Gundam Lfrith and I was able to more or less complete it, sans the knee armors.

The build is more or less the same as Gundam Aerial though without the use of clear parts and needed more detail painting with several gray parts. The thigh units also had several sensor-like units that didn’t come with foil seals and required metallic green paint. Its feet also have the same vent-like design that also requires a coat of gray paint.

While the main bodies of both kits are now complete, I still need to build another key component for both mobile suits — the GUND-Bits. For Gundam Lfrith, it’s pretty straight forward as the bits are while. It’s not the same for Gundam Aerial though as some do require painting for color accuracy. Regardless, I don’t think that much work is needed for bits and I’m optimistic that both kits will be finished within the week, or the next at the very most.

I’ve yet to decide which kits I’ll build once I’m one with these two. But I’m thinking of either building some older High Grades, or some MODEROID ones for a change.



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