Stuff on the Office Desk: Amazing Yamaguchi Iron Man “Bleeding Edge” Armor

Did I just forget how to handle Revoltech figures and their weird joint cuts and what not?

Get your Amazing Yamaguchi Iron Man “Bleeding Edge” armor from HobbyLink Japan.

I initially missed the first time Kaiyodo released this figure but fortunately for me, they decided to do a reissue, albeit some years after. Now, I finally have a copy of the Amazing Yamaguchi Iron Man “Bleeding Edge” Armor. And I kind of forgot how to handle a figure primarily made for dynamic poses, especially compared to something like Beast Machines Optimus Primal at the back which is the total opposite of dynamic.

Let’s not forget the copious number of accessories and effect parts this figure comes with, further blowing up the number of display options for this guy. I will definitely look for video and photo reviews to better equip myself once I decide to take its photo gallery. Regardless, I’m happy to finally have this figure in my Iron Man collection.



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