I Promised the Lfrith, Right? HG Gundam Aerial & Lfrith Dual Build – Work-in-Progress #2

As I mentioned last time, I pressed the pause button on building HG Gundam Aerial to start work on HG Gundam Lfrith and it’s pretty much what I expected from the new HG THE WITCH FROM MERCURY line. Given that the Lfrith has fewer colors than Aerial, the build is relatively simpler with a few less parts in comparison. And while the series still hasn’t revealed how both mobile suits are related, the build processes are similar.

My next steps would be to build the arm units and backpack for Lfrith and once done, I’ll shift my attention back to Aerial and continue that kit. Yes, not much as far as updates go though, I do enjoy building these two, especially with the Witch from Mercury ongoing and how interesting the story is at the moment.


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