Stuff on the Office Desk: “Beast Machines: Transformers” Blast Punch Optimus Primal

Besides catching up on Optimus Prime figures (licensed or unlicensed), I’m also sort of catching up on derivative characters based on him — one of which is Optimus Primal. I’m not keen on getting the originals from Beast Wars but I am for the two from Beast Machines. I already got the infamously screen-inaccurate Deluxe class release so there’s only one more to get.

To those unfamiliar, this is Blast Punch Optimus Primal, a Mega class figure released during season 2 of Beast Machines, dubbed as “Battle of the Spark.” As mentioned, the first Deluxe class Optimus Primal they released was infamous for being inaccurate to his on-screen model, thanks to the toy manufacturers using earlier designs as reference.

While the paint and plastic colors still aren’t the most accurate thanks to the use of clear orange, the sculpt and silhouette sure are. And if you’re willing to spend more time painting, you can get something much closer to the on-screen model, like this custom paint job.

Personally, I would want a modern rendition of the Beast Machines Optimus Primal. We have been getting a good number of the original Beast Wars version and this guy deserves more, and the Transmetal version too. The current Legacy/Legacy Evolution lines would be perfect for a modern version, and if Combat Hero Optimus Prime is possibly getting a new one, then count me in for this one as well.


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