Yes, I’ll Also Build the LFrith: HG Gundam Aerial & Lfrith Dual Build – Work-in-Progress #1

With Gundam the Witch from Mercury well into its run, it’s obviously logical that I pick my next dual build as the two Gundam kits from this series, the HG Gundam Aerial and Gundam Lfrith. Though at the moment, and as you can see above, I’ve just started the build on Aerial as I’m really curious how different this is from kits from previous series.

For starters, the color separation and parts distribution are really great. Granted you still need to do detail painting in some gray parts, but you can easily do a straight build of this kit and it will still look great. Articulation, at least from the half I have built right here, looks to be beyond decent especially with the absence of polycaps.

At this point, I’ll stop my progress on the Aerial to start building the Lfrith. Being released earlier, I am expecting this kit to have the same engineering and build with the Aerial.


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