Box Art Extravaganza: October 2022

Yes, box arts, let’s go!

Announced last July for an October 2022 release, it looks like the Premium Bandai exclusive HGAC Gundam L.O. Booster is now getting into the hands of Japanese builders. And like the other G-Unit kits, this one also gets full color packaging despite being an online exclusive. This kit is primarily the HGAC Gundam Geminass with a lot of new parts and based on some posts I saw on social media; you do get a substantial number of unused parts that you can repurpose for other builds.

You may also remember, and as seen in this box art, how the flight mode was changed to put additional transformation of the legs to bird-like claws.

HGAC 1/144 Gundam L.O. Booster
October 2022 / ¥3,800

For the next ones, we go into the Good Smile Company camp, first looking at the MODEROID Super Granzort, Super Aquabeat, and Super Winzert. These three were released exactly a year after MODEROID Granzort, Aquabear, and Winzert — with these three getting reissued this June. I mentioned this before, but I do like how Good Smile Company is bringing more coverage to these fantasy-based SD mecha properties. Speaking of which, they are also slated to release two kits from Granbelm.

MODEROID Super Granzort
October 2022 / ¥4,800
Order via HobbyLink Japan

MODEROID Super Winzart
October 2022 / ¥4,800
Order via HobbyLink Japan

MODEROID Super Aquabeat
October 2022 / ¥4,800
Order via HobbyLink Japan

Last on this list is also another MODEROID kit, the MODEROID Giant Robo from the 1992 OVA Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still. The official solicitation does mention that this would be the first plastic model kit of this mecha, and would also be the largest MODEROID kit to date, standing at 240mm. Personally, I’m not getting this guy as I already have the Super Robot Chogokin version, which is also smaller and better fits my collection. But if you’re a fan of this steampunk-slash-Egyptian themed machine, then this kit is now available for purchase.

October 2022 / ¥8,900
Order via HobbyLink Japan


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