This Weekend’s “Optimii” Reveals from MCM Comic Con 2022

This weekend, we are shifting our focus neither on Japan nor on America as MCM Comic Con 2022 is happening in London and we are getting some interesting reveals from the Hasbro booth and panel, starting with Transformers.

Wave 2 Deluxe class

With Transformers: EarthSpark making its Fall 2022 debut, we are now starting to get upcoming figures from wave 2. And as an Optimus Prime collector, you know what I’ll be focusing on. Contrary to the wave 1 Warrior Class figure, wave 2 is getting another Optimus Prime, this time as a full-fledged Deluxe Class release. To better illustrate the differences between these two versions, I’m including the wave 1 Warrior Class below for comparison.

Wave 1 Warrior class

The overall design is the same as this is intended to be the same version of the character but there are slight differences if you look closely. For starters, there’s no gimmick built on to this figure so expect all the bells and whistles typically seen in a Deluxe. Optimus Prime comes with his signature Ion Blaster and Energon Axe, with the latter having storage in vehicle mode as well.

Similar to the one of the latter Transformers: Cyberverse waves, Optimus Prime is also part of a Build-A-Figure wave and comes with a piece of the villainous Mandroid from Transformers: EarthSpark.

Transformers EarthSpark Deluxe class Optimus Prime
Spring 2023 / £20.33

The next item is somewhat of a surprise, and may be a possible hint for a figure I’ve always wanted to have a modern incarnation.

Coming out of left field is Holiday Optimus Prime which is apparently an entirely new mold for the truck cab with a Christmas candy cane paint deco. The truck cab is based on a Volvo VNR while the trailer is more or less a repaint of the one that comes with Earthrise Optimus Prime. When images of this figure started coming out, many collectors, myself included, immediately thought of one particular version of Optimus Prime — G2 Combat Hero Optimus Prime. Yes, Laser Optimus Prime wasn’t the only one that came from G2, and I’ve always clamored for a modern version of Combat Hero Optimus Prime.

If you’re unfamiliar with this version, I’ve included a photo for your reference:

Yes, this is the one with the air pump missile launcher.

Christmas colors aside, you can see similarities between these two and I don’t blame anyone for thinking the same and I would definitely a Combat Hero colored version of this figure. Until then, we can just wait until better photos of this figure are released.

Other features include the same opening trailer that can act as a repair bay for Optimus, as well as an opening chest panel to reveal a Matrix of Leadership. Pre-orders for Holiday Optimus Prime are set to open on November 1st.


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