Stuff on the Office Desk: October Optimus Primes

I realized this recently, but I’ve apparently been catching up and purchasing a lot more Optimus Primes figures than usual, both on the first- and third-party fronts. It’s just a week into October and I already got an additional two for my collection.

Let’s start with the more recognizable piece on the right, voyager class Optimus Prime from the 2007 movie line. With the Studio Series line showing how far Hasbro and Takara Tomy have progressed in terms of toy engineering, I decided to get a hold of the first voyager class Optimus Prime from Transformers (2007). And while it looks quite inaccurate thanks to the limitations of that time, the figure still has its charms.

The piece on the left is what caught me by surprise. This is a figure made by Daban Model, known for their knockoff Gundam model kits. Simply named 9913, this is a fully transforming Optimus Prime based on one of his designs from the IDW comics. It sits right smack in between a deluxe and voyager class figure so it definitely fits my collection. I’ll save more details when I post its gallery, but this guy is good.


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