Once Again, I Have to Pre-order Gunpla on Day One

We’re almost at the tail-end of 2022 and the global supply chain is still out of wack thanks t to the events of the last couple of years. I am well aware that this has already affected Gunpla, with more people getting into the hobby thanks to the increased time spent at home, and of course scalpers. I admit to not really feeling the effects of this since I have a huge backlog and I don’t see the need to buy kits on day one.

But this changed as Bandai Spirits released more kits that people wanted to get. My firsthand experience of this was when the HGAC Gundam Deathscythe was released some years back. Up until now, I haven’t seen a copy of the kit locally. Then there’s the RG Hi-Nu Gundam which I only got ahold of a couple of months ago.

And more recently, we had the RG God Gundam and the new kits from the Witch from Mercury. I admit to be a little late on the Gundam Lfrith pre-order, but I was fairly sure to be on day one for RG God Gundam. Regardless, I wasn’t able to secure a copy for either.

So, I was a little worried if my pre-orders for the HGAC Shenlong Gundam and HG Gundam Aerial would push through. And when I got the email from HobbyLink Japan that both kits have arrived on my private warehouse, I was more than thrilled and immediately arranged the shipment of these two.

Gundam the Witch from Mercury has just started and the hype is pretty much here. That’s why I will be doing a dual build of these two following my HG Gundam Barbatos Lupus/Lupus Rex dual build, which I’m targeting to finish this week.

And that’s the story why I once again, need to make day one pre-orders of Gunpla.


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