Now I Understand Why This Exists: MODEROID Evangelion Unit-01 (Evangelion 3.0+1.0)

When Good Smile Company showed prototypes of their MODEROID Evangelion kits at the All-Japan Model & Hobby Show, I was literally scratching my head and was asking one question. Why? We already got the Real Grades which are really good, and we also got the Kotobukiya kits if you want them simpler and more anime to their on-screen counterparts.

Now that Good Smile has opened solicitations, I kind of understand why this exists.

Upon checking the blurb Good Smile has placed on the official solicitation, they mention how this is a “basic plastic model kit.” Now that might sound like a lot of work is needed to make this look good. And that might be so, but they also say that this, and most likely their other Evangelion as well, are meant to be easier to collect.

Each kit will stand at 165mm, which is actually perfect for my collection, and they are priced lower than your usual MODEROID kit.

It doesn’t appear to skimp on the articulation as this is able to do most of the poses you expect to see from the EVA-01. But don’t expect any other gimmicks like an opening hatch to reveal the entry plug, or even an opening mouth for those iconic berserk moments. That said, neither of these gimmicks prevent you from building a perfectly looking kit, which I think is the real intent.

As a “basic model kit”, it only comes with the essential accessories. These include replacement manipulators/hands, a Pallet Rifle, and the Spear of Cassius as seen in Evangelion 3.0+1.0. I don’t think I’ll get this guy since I’m collecting figures from the Evangelion Evolution line, but if you want into building good-looking Evangelion kits without much effort, then these ones from Good Smile Company are a viable option.

MODEROID Evangelion Unit-01 (Evangelion 3.0+1.0)
May 2023 / ¥3,500
Order via HobbyLink Japan


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